"We succeed best when we learn it’s not about ourselves, but about how we are part of something more than ourselves."

—Rick Ridgeway

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For nearly five decades Rick has been a popular public speaker. Today he combines photographs and film clips to illustrate two presentations that he narrates:

Life Lived Wild—Five Decades of Adventure

From the first coast-to-coast crossing of Borneo, to the first American ascent of K2, to the first big wall climb in Antarctica, Rick narrates his five decades of adventure in a 40-minute presentation of photographs and film clips. “In the beginning,” Rick explains, “it was about the adventures in the most remote places of our home planet, and over time it became about saving the home planet.”

Protect the Planet: Protect your Business

The lessons learned from a life of adventure applied to business can be hokey, from teamwork, to planning, to risk-taking. But the deeper lessons can add deeper business value, things like transparency and authenticity, that in turn can make deeper connections with employees, customers, and stakeholders. From 15 years owning his own business to 15 years as Patagonia’s VP of Environmental Affairs, Rick shares lessons he and colleagues have taken from the wild world and applied to the business world, including the most important: long-term you can’t have a healthy business without a healthy planet.

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